Bankstown, NSW, Australia – New South Wales Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) has awarded the operation and maintenance of their recently acquired 412 fleet, as part of an existing 10-year contract with Coulson Aviation PTY.

Coulson Aviation PTY has also moved its Australian headquarters from Melbourne to Bankstown, securing a 1,114 sq m hanger facility.  The new Australian home-base means Coulson Aviation can leave the S61 firebombing helicopter fleet in Australia year-round to support any operational needs as they arise.

Coulson Group CEO Wayne Coulson, said the family company continues to build on and invest in Australia, where Coulson Aviation has operated from for more than 19 years.

 “We are pleased to be expanding our partnership with RFS, providing them with our long history of operational excellence and a safety-first focus,” Wayne Coulson said.

Coulson Group Co-President Foster Coulson said Australia was a second home for the company and many of the team members who worked with them given a long-standing firefighting partnership across multiple states. 

Sydney was a logical base with the long-term NSW contract commitment in place.

“Coulson Aviation has more than 36 years in aerial fire suppression across the globe, and we are proud to continue supporting NSW RFS with essential services during bushfire seasons,” Foster Coulson said. “Australia had a fierce fire season this past summer and as New South Wales marks the end of the most devastating bushfire season in this State’s history, our teams are committed to continue to protect community members.”

About Coulson Aviation (PTY) Inc.: Coulson Aviation is a family owned business with global operations in Australia, North America and South America and a diverse fleet of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Coulson Aviation PTY is a division of Coulson Aviation and was launched in 2001 to support Australian firefighting.  In addition to its aerial firefighting, emergency personnel transport, and heavy life operations, Coulson is also a world leader in technology and engineering focusing primarily on special mission modifications. Coulson’s latest design, the RADS-L for the Boeing CH-47D helitanker is the largest capacity, lightest weight, highest flow rate helicopter tank in the world.