THERMAL, California, September 12, 2023 – Coulson Aviation, a world leader in aerial firefighting, has received certification from the Administración Nacional de Aviación Civil (ANAC) of Argentina to perform aircraft maintenance on Argentinian-registered aircraft. Coulson Aviation is the only Canadian company to receive ANAC certification for the performance of specialized and non-specialized aircraft maintenance.

This certification bolsters support for the Coulson Aviation aircraft assets currently operating to support the aerial fire needs of Argentina and surrounding South American countries, ensuring quick response to large-scale wildfires.

“Coulson Aviation’s experience and commitment to innovation ensures our maintenance capabilities, technology, and products are designed and implemented with unmatched quality,” said Britton Coulson, President and COO, Coulson Aviation. “Working alongside dedicated local team members, Coulson’s robust training programs and experienced crews will ensure everyone is trained to the highest standard prior to conducting aerial firefighting missions. Coulson does more than sell large air tankers, we offer a complete package with both initial and ongoing training that is set up for success and will be key in supporting the upcoming Argentinian fire season.”

Coulson Aviation currently operates a large fleet of Boeing 737, Lockheed C-130, Boeing CH-47D, Sikorsky S-61, and S-76 aircraft worldwide, and is the first and only company in the world to convert a Boeing 737 commercial airliner into a FireLiner™ air tanker. Each air tanker receives over 40,000 technician hours to become fully compliant and operational. The FireLiner™ is differentiated from all other next-generation Large Air Tankers by its ability to transport firefighters without re-configuration and to fly at maximum speeds and altitudes with a load of retardant without restrictions. Each FireLiner™ is equipped with Coulson’s Retardant Aerial Delivery System (RADS), the most widely used, highest-volume, 4,000 USG tanking systems currently operating around the globe. RADS requires no additional crew or equipment, provides real-time flow rate and superior drop zone coverage, and reduces overall pilot workload.

Coulson Aviation is the only aerial firefighting company that operates both large fixed and rotary-wing aircraft that are fully equipped to carry out aerial support missions. Coulson’s roots in aviation, combined with the company’s proprietary technology, a wide array of aircraft types, and well-trained attack crews, allow simultaneous aerial firefighting support across multiple continents.

About Coulson Aviation

Throughout the company’s 60+ years, the mission has remained the same: to protect the world from forest fires. Our organizational capabilities allow our team to provide simultaneous aerial support across numerous continents. As a leading supplier to county, state, and federal governments worldwide, Coulson has focused its next generation multi-mission fleet on sustainable, in-production aircraft. Working in partnership with OEMs and leveraging the latest technology allows Coulson to provide superior all-hazard response aircraft. Learn more about by visiting us online at: