Photos by Aviation Spotters Online: Photographer – Dave Soderstrom

Coulson Aviation has received approval from CASA to conduct night fire suppression operations under Night Vision Goggles (NVG) in Australia using the CH-47D very large helitanker.

As the first commercial large helicopter operator worldwide to conduct open water source NVG fill operations, Coulson will continue this practise with the CH-47D in Australia, which allows for Initial Attack operations.

Internationally, our pilots and aircraft have been operating successfully and safely in night fire suppression operations in CH-47D very large helitankers and the Type 1 S-61 helitankers for a number of years in North America.

For the past three years Coulson Aviation has been operating successfully in night fire suppression trial operations in Victoria with the Victorian agencies in an NVG-enabled Type 1 S-61 helitanker.   

Coulson Aviation is pleased to continue to work with Victorian agencies and NSW RFS on their respective NVG trials using the Chinooks.